Mailbase Plus (+) Franking Machine


Mailbase Plus

Low-Mid Volume (up to 300 items per day)

Suitable for medium postal volumes, Mailbase + Franking Machine includes a semi automatic envelope feeder, automatic date-change, franking cost statistics, easily changed advertising messages, as well as (where the Post requires it) bar code printing and remote credit loading by modem or LAN.

High-quality ink-jet technology transfers postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely, sharp and smear-free. Menu-guided through every step of the franking process. That’s System Intelligence. And variable two-dimensional data matrix bar codes too benefit from the high print quality.

This version is the fully automatic system. Its automatic Feeder/Sealer makes franking even faster and easier – up to 90 letters can be ready to dispatch within one minute – stamped, carrying all the necessary postal information, even automatically sealed if you wish.

Modularity enables flexible automatic letter-feeding, too. With the pull out guide the Mailbase Plus (+) handles stacked large-size envelopes, even those addressed in portrait format.

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All Mailbase Plus (+) specifications, features, apps and options below:

Mailbase Plus (+) Franking Machine Specifications

  • Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
  • Semi-Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Automatic Label Dispenser For Parcels & Larger Items
  • Up to 65 Letters per minute
  • 5 Kg Postal Scale (option to Increase to 35Kg)
  • All UK and Worldwide Postal Rates
  • 9.5mm envelope thickness clearance
  • LAN / Network, Modem or PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • Smart Meter Technology to be Fully Compliant with Royal Mail VAT Applied Services
  • Wireless (Wi-fi) Connection Option
  • 100 Cost Centre Accounts with PIN Number Security
  • Full ‘QWERTY’ Keyboard for Envelope Text Messages
  • Royal Mails’ Business Mail Advanced’ Option

What’s included with the Mailbase Plus (+)

  • FREE Royal Mail License
  • FREE Royal Mail Postage Rate Change Updates
  • FREE 5 Year Guarantee
  • FREE Full Ink Cartridge Delivered with the Machine
  • FREE Starter Pack of Labels & Franked Mail Late Posting Envelopes
  • FREE Online Usage Reporting
  • FREE Delivery & Installation Support
  • FREE Up to 5 Logo’s / Company Slogans
  • FREE UK Call Centre Support
  • FREE Side Ejection Catch Tray

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5Kg Detachable ScaleMailbase Plus Pin Security EnabledVarious Departmental AccountsVAT ReadyNetwork or Telephone Recrediting / Updating
Text EntryCleanmail Postage Savings

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Mailbase Plus (+) Franking Machine franking machine reviews, opinions & customer feedback

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5 out of 5 Based on 1 ratings. From 1 user reviews.

Mailbase Plus Franking Machine – Comprehensively Explained

Installation went very smoothly and system comprehensively explained. No experience of day to day use as yet, but all looks good so far.

     Rating – 5 out of 5

Reviewed by Mikey R