Mailmark ™ – Get prepared for the future with Mailcoms

Mailmark ™ is the future of franking machines offering multiple brand new benefits including a further price cut!

How to get access to Mailmark

Mailmark will only be accessible via a Mailmark franking machine. Mailmark will become widely available during summer 2014. To gain the benefits you will be required to own a Mailmark franking machine. In order to ensure that all our customers gain access to these benefits. We are happy to announce that we are offering our entire support. To those that wish to upgrade their franking machine to a Mailmark compatible one.

Getting access to Mailmark is simple. Just upgrade your current franking machine. If you don’t have one, worry not as we provide Mailmark franking machines. To get a Mailmark franking machine simply fill in the form in the sidebar. You could also fill in the form on our Mailmark quote page. To view our guide on how to prepare for Mailmark visit our Royal Mail Mailmark guide.

The Royal Mail has invested over £70 million in Mailmark, so you know its going to last.

By upgrading your franking machine you gain access to:
  • Price reduction - Gain the ability to spend less. Mailmark will allow you to do more. With your current franking budget.
  • Brand New Business Reply - Enhance your mail and you might be able to increase the responses from your customers. This could also help increase profits.
  • Postage price change updates - Get immediate postage price change update. Immediately the same day as the Royal Mail change it.
  • Drop the Analogue line for a LAN connection - Improve overall speeds of Franking with a much quicker network.
  • Online Mail Reports providing real time enhanced information - Keep an eye on everything. Ensure your in control.
  • A much more professional image - You could replace the current frank with a brand new 2D Barcode.
  • The new 2D barcode will also contain information regarding the date and price.

Brand New Royal Mail Postage Rates finally announced! Including Mailmark™ prices.

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