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FP Mailing Qi 3000 Franking Machine Review – By Mailcoms

The FP Mailing Qi 3000 franking machine is a relatively new franking machine supplied by FP Mailing. This model franking machine is considered a high capacity franker capable of reaching incredible speeds up to 260 letters per minute. This speed is made possible via a fully automatic feeder which comes as standard in this model. The Qi 3000 franking machine can frank at a slower rate of 140 letters per minute when dynamic weighing is used.

FP Mailing Qi 3000 Franking Machine

FP Mailing Qi 3000 Franking Machine Review

The FP Mailing Qi 3000 franking machine comes with a wide range of franking machine features that makes this machine great for larger sized businesses. If you send out as many as 1000 items of mail per day then you will benefit from a franking machine such as this. To help make the franking machine easy to use you will be able to use a full colour touch screen that helps navigation and the franking process much easier to complete.

The Qi 3000 franking machine allows you to use both smart meter and Mailmark technologies. Smart meter allows you to use the latest Royal mail VAT services and frank your mail in smart blue franking machine ink. Mailmark technology is a brand new service that will help give you access to many franking machine benefits such as a new business reply and lower franking prices. Benefit from Mailmark with a Mailmark franking machine here.

The heavy duty Qi 3000 allows you to use a integrated weighing scale as standard so that you will never over or under pay for a mail item. As well as this job memories can be accessed at the touch of a button. Keep up to 20 of your most commonly used jobs on this machine for ease of use.

Also benefit from advertising on your mail for free. Use up to 10 adverts and store them on this machine to help attract your customers before they open their mail. Other features that come with this model machine include departmental accounts, optional barcode scanning and a maximum envelope thickness of 20mm. These are just some of the incredible features that come with the FP Mailing Qi 3000 franking machine.

Qi 3000 Specifications

View the specifications of the FP Mailing Qi 3000 Franking Machine below.

  • Speed: 260 LPM (Batch Processing)
  • Weighing Speed: 140 LPM (Dynamic Scale)
  • Feeding System: Automatic Feeding
  • Label Dispenser: Automatic
  • Weighing Platforms: 3, 5, 10, or 30 Kg scales
  • Max. Envelope Thickness: 20mm
  • Connectivity: LAN
  • Adverts: 10
  • Job Memories: 15
  • Barcode Scanner: Optional
  • USB Storage: Optional
  • Control Panel Colour Touchscreen: Yes
  • Departmental Accounts: Yes
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
  • Mailmark Compliant: Yes

If you would like a franking machine similar to the FP Mailing Qi 3000 then you can view our range of franking machines here.

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