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Why Consider Buying a Franking Machine? – By Mailcoms

Why Consider Buying a Franking Machine?

Why Consider Buying a Franking Machine?
Many types of businesses are now taking full advantage of using a franking machine. You do not have to be a large corporate business to own and benefit from a franking machine, as even the smallest of business can save money on their outgoing mail with a franking machine. You can save money every time a mail item is franked and there is no limit to the amount you can frank, being very beneficial to all.

Franking Machine Benefits

The money saved is not a franking machines only benefit. If you are considering buying a franking machine, you may want to be aware of the other franking machine benefits that can be gained. They include:

  • Free Advertising Logo – Most franking machines allow you to keep track of your franking expenditure easily. By using departmental accounts, you can monitor and track all expenditure made by your business.
  • Free Advertising Logo – Most franking machine suppliers, such as Mailcoms, will offer customers a free advertising logo of their choice. This allows you to frank your business logo onto your mail, allowing you to increase brand awareness.
  • Access to Royal Mail Services – All franking machines give you access to all the Royal Mail services including first class, second class, recorded delivery, international and more, all at the touch of a button.
  • Save Time – You will find that a franking machine will save you time in your mail room as you will never have to spend time travelling to the Post Office, eliminating down time for your business. A franking machine also works much faster than any human.
  • Access to the latest franking prices – All of the most up to date franking prices will be installed onto your franking machine. This gives you quick and easy access to all of the lower and most recent franking prices. View the Royal Mail 2014 Franking Prices here.
  • Improved Professional Image – A franking impression will make your mail look far more professional, helping to attract more customers.
  • Mailmark 2014! – In 2014, the brand new Mailmark service was released, and this service, provided by Royal Mail, will give you even more franking machine benefits. These include even lower franking prices, an improved business image and a new business reply To use Mailmark, receive a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote

Franking Machine Quote

By now you will be considering buying a franking machine, and if you would like to benefit fully from a franking machine and gain all of the benefits above, then receive a Franking Machine Quote and save money on your franking machine.

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