What Is A Mailmark Franking Machine?

When researching about franking machines or maybe even just looking on our website, you may have seen the words Mailmark, Mailmark Franking or Mailmark Franking Machines. Last week we informed you about smart franking machines, so we thought we would put this blog together to help you better understand what a Mailmark franking machine is and how they can be of use to you!

A standard non-Mailmark franking machine just franks mail items using the town and crown’ impression and sometimes you will be franking in old fashioned red ink. A Mailmark franking machine however does so much more for your business. They can give you exclusive access to further postage discounts and they will frank a new and professional 2D barcode franking impression just to name two benefits. But how does this work you ask? Keep reading to find out more.

Mailmark Franking

What can a Mailmark Franking Machine do?

Postage Savings

If you want to benefit from the lowest Royal Mail postage rates, a Mailmark franking is the place to be.

Mailmark franking machines gives businesses access to further postage rates in comparison to standard franking. A further 3p can be saved when franking a 1st class standard letter and a further 6p can be saved when franking a 2nd class standard letter.

If you wish to see a complete list of the savings you can make, view our table below or download our Royal Mail PDF price list here: https://www.mailcoms.co.uk/royal-mail-postage-prices-2019/royal-mail-postage-rates-2019-franking-stamps.pdf

A New 2D Barcode

A Mailmark franking machine will produce a 2D barcode impression when you frank mail. This impression is more professional than the traditional town and crown’ die and it holds information about the mail item and class that has been used.

What Are The Other Great Benefits Of Mailmark Franking Machines?

As well as the above, a Mailmark franking machine does so much more that can benefit your business.

Frank Using Smart Meter

All Mailmark franking machines also come with the latest smart meter franking technology as well. This allows users to take advantage of technology that can identify different types of mail to work out if VAT is applicable whilst franking in smart blue ink. Find out more about smart franking here.

Automatic Updates

Whenever the Royal Mail make postage changes or if your franking machine requires any other update, a Mailmark franking machine will do this automatically for you. This will be very convenient and ensures you are always using the latest technology and rates.

LAN Connectivity

Connecting to the internet has never been easier or faster. A Mailmark franking machine can connect to the internet via a LAN which will provide the fastest way for instant re-crediting and software updates.

Mailcoms Mailbase Pro Franking Machine

Get A Mailmark Franking Machine Today!

If you are thinking of adding a Mailmark franking machine to your business, or if you are interested in upgrading from a standard franking machine, Mailcoms can help.

Mailcoms are one of the Royal Mail’s Authorised independent inspectors and maintainers of franking machines and as such we can provide you with a Mailmark franking machine to suit your needs. Whether you want to buy or rent a franking machine, or just genuinely want some advice on making this decision, we are more than happy to help.

A Mailmark franking machine can help massively when sending your mail. If you are interested in getting a franking machine or upgrading to a Mailmark franking machine with even lower prices available, then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776.