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Royal Mail Guidelines For International Mail – Guide By Mailcoms

Guidelines For International Mail

The Royal Mail can help give you many useful tips if you intend to use their service by stamp of by a franking machine. In particular, Royal Mail can help give guidelines for international mail, meaning that when you send mail internationally, you can comply with their rules and regulations.

Royal Mail focuses on guidelines for international mail by informing you what can and can’t be sent internationally, how to address your mail all over the world, weight and size restrictions to consider and more. If you do not comply with their guidelines, your franked mail may not reach its destination and can be returned back to you.

Addressing Mail to Different Countries

Depending on the country you are sending mail to, the guidelines for addressing your international mail may differ. It is important to know that the Royal Mail use two categories for international mail, ‘Western Europe’ and ‘The Rest Of The World’.

View some examples below on how to address International Mail to various countries.

  • Australia – the state abbreviation should be inserted on the same line as, and between, the town name and the postcode.
  • France / Monaco – it is advised for you to put the recipients surname in BLOCK CAPITALS.
  • Germany – there are strict guidelines which, if not met, will mean your mail is not delivered. When sending mail to Germany you MUST always: use the new five digit postcode, put the postcode before the town name and put the house number after the street name.
  • Republic of Ireland – only DUBLIN has postcodes when sending here.
  • Spain – the province should be in brackets after the town name.
  • United States (USA) – It is advised to use both parts of their postcode although the first half is acceptable. As well as this, you can use the abbreviation USA.

Sending Mail Overseas

When you send mail overseas, the Royal Mail can provide useful tips for you to follow to ensure your mail is delivered as quickly as possible. View some of the tips below when sending mail overseas.

  • Clear Addressing – always address the mail fully and clearly, including the zip code / postcode as well as the country in English. The country must be in BLOCK CAPITALS and based on the last line of the address.
  • Return Address – include the UK return address on all post so and undelivered mail can be returned free of charge.
  • Envelopes – use a white label when using dark or red coloured envelopes.
  • Pay Correct Postage – always ensure that you pay the correct postage as under or over payment can cause you issues. Republic of Ireland require International Postage Rates to be applied.

Weight & Size Restrictions

If is also very important that you comply with The Royal Mail’s weight and size restrictions when sending international mail as Royal Mail will not send mail over a certain weight or size. Find out more about this topic at the Royal Mail’s website.

If you follow the simple guidelines made by Royal Mail when sending international mail overseas, you should experience no problems when using their services. Your mail will be delivered on time and to its correct destination.

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