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Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates – 5 Important Changes

Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates

As you may be aware, Royal Mail have released the new Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates. Effective from 31st March 2014, your business should be using the new postage rates on your franking machine. Your business is probably concerned about how the change will effect you and the difference in postage costs. Download our 2014 Wall Poster here to view the new rates.

If you do not like browsing the internet for information about rate change, below are 5 important changes you must be aware of concerning the new Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates.

  1. Prices have increased! Except for Small Parcels!
  2. By viewing our postage rate 2014 Wall Poster here, you can see that the franking and stamp prices for the Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates have increased. The only exception is that the Small Parcels 1-2KG prices have gone down. This is good news if you use this weight category often as you will save money. All other services however will increase slightly, and this applies to all stamp and frank rates.

  3. Mailmark™!
  4. Royal Mail have now introduced the brand new Mailmark™ service. This service offers uses an alternative way to frank and send mail items as it franks a new 2D barcode onto your mail items. Whilst is saves your business money, this service is not compulsory, therefore you do not need Mailmark™ in your machine, but it is advised.

    To find out if your business can gain access to the new Mailmark™ service, contact your franking machine supplier.

  5. Franking Still Saves Money!
  6. One of the many benefits of a franking machine is the money your save when using franks. The Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates still allows your business to save money when franking. For example, save up to 30% for Second Class standard letters. If you still use stamps to send mail, and want to save money, then switch to a Franking Machine today.

  7. Airmail & Surface Mail Replaced!
  8. Airmail & Surface Mail are going to be replaced with two new services. These services will now be called International Standard and International Economy. They offer the exact same service but just renamed. As well as this, the number of weight bands will also be reduced, making it easy to select the correct price. Other services, such as International Signed For, are also to be changed.

  9. Parcelforce Worldwide Removed from Franking Rate Tables!
  10. The new Parcelforce Worldwide Standard Parcel and Economy Parcel will now be removed from the postage rates table. The Parcelforce Worldwide Frankpay tariff will now have to be used. This means all parcels sent via Parcelforce Worldwide now have to be booked online.

Still Using Stamps?

If you are still using stamps to send mail, then you may want to save money and get a low cost franking machine today. Receive a low cost Franking Machine Quote or Mailmark Franking Machine Quote by using the links.

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