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Post Office Ltd Guide- By Mailcoms

Post Office Ltd

Post Office Ltd were founded in 1986 and their headquarters is in London. They are a retail post office business situated in the UK, providing a postal service to the UK, offering many useful services such as Postage Stamps & Banking facilities. Post Office Ltd offer their services up and down the UK via a chain of branches. They are owned by the UK Government, via the Postal Services Holding Company Limited company.

Post Office Ltd History

The term Post Office has been used as early as the 1650s, and today the term is used to refer to a postal facility provider. Post Office Ltd was formally part of the General Post Office in the UK, just like Royal Mail. In 1986, the Post Office Counters Ltd company was created, and this was made a subsidiary company of Royal Mail. In 2001, the name changed to the Post Office Ltd.

In recent years, the Post Office Ltd were reporting huge losses, and this questioned the company’s ability to be a stable and efficient business. In reaction to the losses, the UK Government gave £1.7 billion to Royal Mail Group, to help invest money across the whole Royal Mail, Post Office Ltd and Parcelforce network.

15 Crown Post Offices were closed down, 70 Crown Post Offices were sold to W H Smith and 2,500 sub-Post Offices closed – all between 2007 and 2009. On April 1st, 2012, the Post Office Ltd became a independent company to Royal Mail, but a 10 year agreement was reached to enable Post Offices nationwide to still issue stamps and handle mail for Royal Mail.

On 27th November 2013, the UK government added an extra £640 million to help fund Post Office Ltd to help modernise the Post Office network.

Post Office Ltd Services

There are over 11,000 Post Office branches in the UK, 370 of which are owned by Post Office Ltd. All of the other branches are run by franchise partners or local sub-postmasters. The Post Office Ltd offer many services to the UK and they include:

  • Postal Services
  • Postage & Saving Stamps
  • Banking Services
  • Savings Products
  • Telephone Service
  • Internet Service
  • Insurance Services
  • Financial Services
  • Bill Payments
  • Government Services
  • Other Services include the National Lottery, Currency Exchange and a Drop & Go service.

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