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Pitney Bowes Connect+® 500W Smart Franking Machine

Automate and simplify the franking processing of mail items of all sizes with the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W smart franking machine. With automatic feeding and simple guides, prompts and buttons, anyone within the business can use the mid volume Connect 500W franking machine to their advantage.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W Smart Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W Smart Franking Machine

Frank mail at incredible speeds of 120 letters per minute with this model, or use weigh-on-the-way technology to frank at a slower speed of 90 letters per minute. Also benefit from a colour display screen with provides instant access to a range of applications and features such as job memories and departmental accounts.

Gain complete control over what you frank by using unique advertising messages and slogans. Improve the appearance of your envelopes and attract customers instantly. The Connect+ 500W smart franking machine also comes with a useful weighing scale which can help eliminate the risk of miss paying for a mail item.

Smart Meter Technology

The most up to date franking technologies come as standard with the Connect 500W franking machine, meaning that both Mailmark and Smart Meter can be used. As a smart franking machine, businesses will be able to benefit from using all VAT services or products and reclaiming on the paid VAT. This is done via ‘Data Capture’. Find out more about smart franking machines here.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W Specifications

View the latest and most up to date specifications for the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W smart franking machine here.

  • Speed: 120 franks per minute
  • Other Speeds: 60 franks per minute
  • Envelope Feeding System: Automatic
  • Weighing Scales: 5 & 35 Kg
  • Connectivity: LAN
  • Max. Envelope Thickness: 16mm
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes, 10.2″
  • Print Quality: 1200 dpi
  • Print Colour: Postal blue, black & white and process colour
  • Job Memories: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes, 5
  • Departmental Accounts: Yes, 50 or 500
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Weigh-on-the-Way Technology (WOW): Yes, up to 500g
  • Differential Weighing: Optional
  • Length: 1,651mm
  • Depth: 635mm
  • Height: 610mm

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