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Pitney Bowes Canada – Guide By Mailcoms

Pitney Bowes Canada

Pitney Bowes Canada, one of the leading franking machine manufacturers and suppliers in the world, have been manufacturing franking machines since 1920. Arthur Pitney, the inventor of one of the first postage meters in the world, joined forces with Walter Bowes to make Pitney Bowes in 1920. In 1923, just 3 years later, Pitney Bowes were granted permission by the Canadian Post Office to establish a Pitney Bowes Subsidiary in Ottawa.

Pitney Bowes Canada have expanded across Canada and the world, and now sell to millions of businesses worldwide. Pitney Bowes also have many subsidiaries around the world in other countries, including Canada, USA, the UK and Germany. As well as manufacturing and selling franking machines, they also manufacture and sell other mail room equipment. These include copier systems, folding inserting machines, software applications, printers, franking machine consumables and financial services.

Pitney Bowes Canada Culture

Since being established in Canada over 90 years ago, Pitney Bowes Canada have made strong relationships with many of their customers and businesses. Pitney Bowes Canada also has close relationships with many of the local communities around where they are established. These relationships have been a key part in the culture of Pitney Bowes Canada, and they are as active now than ever with the local environment and community.

Pitney Bowes Canada Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes Canada can offer you many franking machines for your business. They can offer you low, mid and high volume franking machines to suit your business.

Here at Mailcoms, we can offer you low cost franking machine supplies for many Pitney Bowes franking machines. To view our range of Pitney Bowes franking machine supplies, and for more information about their franking machines, use the links below.

View our entire range of Pitney Bowes Franking Machine Supplies here.

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