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Neopost Smart Franking Machines

Neopost Smart Franking MachinesSmart Meter franking technology has been around since January 2011 and now all modern franking machines possess this useful technology. Almost every business will possess a smart franking machine. Neopost are one supplier of smart franking machines and they can offer businesses a range of Neopost smart franking machines.

Neopost have their headquarters in Bagneux, France and they have many other factories and subsidiaries around the world. This includes operations in the UK, the USA and Belgium. Not only do they supply Neopost smart franking machines, but they also have other products that can improve the mail room. This range includes consumables, folder inserters and shredders.

Range of Neopost Smart Franking Machines

There is currently a range of Neopost Smart franking machines on the market. Their most recent range of models consist of low volume, mid volume and high volume smart franking machines. Use the links below to find out more about the most current range of Neopost Smart franking machines.

What is Smart Meter Technology?

Smart Meter Technology is a piece of franking technology that can be used in almost all modern franking machines. It is a mandatory technology to use if your business uses VAT products and services, both domestic and international, as smart franking machines allow businesses to reclaim any VAT paid.

Smart franking machines use something called ‘Data Capture’ to see what services are being used. In turn a VAT statement will be produced and this is what businesses can reclaim. As well as this, smart meter enables franking machines to frank mail in improved smart blue franking ink. This will improve the readability of the franked impression. Find out more about smart franking machines here.

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