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Neopost Autostamp 2 Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost Autostamp 2

Neopost Autostamp 2 Franking Machine

Entry Level Franking Machine (Speed of up to 20 franks per minute)

The Neopost Autostamp 2 franking machine is a entry level franker manufactured by Neopost. It is a great machine for any small business that wishes to start franking mail and / or wishes to learn how to frank mail. With this machine you will never have to guess the price of your mail as you can use the integrated weighing scale. You will never again run out of stamps either being very convenient.

The Neopost Autostamp 2 comes with 10 different advertising slogans that can be franked onto your mail. You can help expand your business name and brand completely free with this franking machine. You can also use PIN code protection on your franking machines departmental accounts. Help keep your postage funds safe and secure with this feature.

As well as this, the Neopost Autostamp 2 comes with both smart meter and Mailmark technologies. This means that any business can benefit from all of the franking technologies and benefits that come with a franking machine. You can frank in smart blue ink and improve your franks readability with smart meter technology. Mailmark technology will give you access to lower franking prices and an improved 2D barcode frank, all being very beneficial.

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Get a low cost Franking Machine Quote for a similar machine here.

Neopost Autostamp 2 Specifications

Speed: 20 letters per minute
Weighing Scale: 2 kg scale
Feeding System: Manual
Max. Envelope Thickness: 8mm
Connection Method: LAN or Telephone Line Connection
Job Memories: 5
Advertisements: 10
PIN Security: Yes
Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
Mailmark Compliant: Yes
Usage Reporting & Control: Yes
Dimensions: Length: 316mm, Height: 194mm, Width: 225mm
Dimensions: Weight: 2.9 Kg

Neopost Autostamp 2 Running Costs

Ink: £79.95 for 2,500 prints
Envelopes: 250 for £29.95
Franking Labels: 1000 for £16.95

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