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IMPORTANT – Mailmark Franking Machine Surcharge Errors

Following feedback to us from the Royal Mail regarding mistakes being made with Mailmark franking machines they’ve identified where common mistakes are being made causing unnecessary expensive surcharges.

IMPORTANT – Mailmark Surcharge Errors

To help our customers we have summarized and compiled a list of errors reported and a simple solution to help you avoid paying surcharges and possible delays in your mail being sent. (All these errors would apply to users of ‘Non Mailmark’ Standard Franking Machines but unlike Mailmark models they are unable to confirm where the exact error was made).

  • Large Letters being franked at the Standard Letter Tariff
  • Overseas Letters being franked at Domestic Tariffs
  • Surcharge Class being used instead of selecting the correct tariff
  • Clients re-dating mail with Zero Indicia
  • Clients not weighting items

If your business receives surcharges your mistakes could be any of the above and many simple checking methods could be applied to ensure you reduce potential errors. Your staff may need extra training or guidance using the equipment and applying it correctly to Royal mails tariffs. Mailcoms are happy to offer a one off training session, please call 08450 530930 for details.

Avoid Mailmark Surcharge Errors with our Royal Mail size guide ruler

In addition we would also recommend the use of a Royal Mail guide which would eliminate to most common cause of surcharge which is the wrong size being selected.

To help we are offering a one time limited offer of nearly 50% off a current size guide which we normally retail at £21.90 + Vat including P & P. Current promotional price whilst stocks last £9.95 + vat including delivery or get it FREE when you order an ink cartridge using promo code ‘no-more-surcharges’.

Visit http://www.royalmail.com/business/help/franking/questions-about-surcharges for more information about surcharges.

View our Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler here and purchase the ruler at only £9.95 + vat.

If you are interested in a franking machine, then you can view our range of franking machines here.

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