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Franking Savings Around the World – By Mailcoms

Franking Savings

Everyday, businesses around the world send mail by stamp or by frank. Business that use a franking machine will receive franking savings. Every country therefore enforce their own postage rates for a frank or a stamp, and so business can save different amounts of money when using a franking machine in a specific country.

View our guide below to the franking savings that can be made in different countries.

UK (Royal Mail)

In the UK, Royal Mail are the main delivery company responsible for our mail. The UK government own 30% of it, but it is currently on the London stock exchange. Franking Machines users can save up to 35% compared to stamps in UK, and this is quite high compared to other countries below.

France (La Poste)

Franking Savings in FranceIn France, La Poste are the company responsible for all mail. Its sole shareholder is the French Government and it functions similarly to the Royal Mail in the UK. Franking Machines users can save up to 10% compared to stamps in France, and this is quite minor compared to the UK.

New Zealand (New Zealand Post)

Franking Savings in New ZealandIn New Zealand, New Zealand Post are responsible for the mail delivery in this country. This service is government owned. Franking Machines users can save up to 7% in New Zealand when franking, and this is very minor compared to the UK.

Canada (Canada Post)

Franking Savings in CanadaCanada Post is the main company responsible for sending and delivering mail with Canada. It is government owned but run independently. Franking Machines users can save up to 5% in Canada when using Priority or Express Mail, and this is very minor compared to the UK.

Germany (Deutsche Post)

Franking Savings in GermanyGermany’s main mail service is Deutsche Post, and they are currently the world’s largest privatised postal service. If Royal Mail do the same, they are likely to copy this model. Deutsche Post generates over one billion euros a year, but only offers a tiny 1% on franking savings when you top up you machine for more than 200 euros.

If your business would like to take full advantage of the UK franking savings of 35%, then you need a franking machine. Luckily Mailcoms can offer you many low cost franking machines, saving you money.

Simply get a Franking Machine Quote or a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote today.

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