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Frama Franking Systems

Frama are one of the UK’s leading franking system manufacturers and suppliers. As such they can offer their own unique range of Frama franking systems. The latest Mailmark franking technology is integrated into their latest range of systems and this allows more businesses to benefit from lower franking prices. Frama’s current range of franking systems includes the Matrix F12, Matrix F42, Matrix F62 and Matrix F82.

Range of Frama Franking Systems

Frama can currently supply businesses with a range of franking systems. Find out more about the current range of Frama franking systems below and get a quick quote.

The franking system list above is Frama’s most up to date range. They all come with the latest Mailmark & Smart Meter technologies as well as a range of features.

About Frama

Frama Franking Systems

Fama have been operating since 1970, formed as Frama AG. This means Frama have been operating in the franking industry for over 45 years. Rudolf Jost produced the first Frama franking system in 1970. Since their beginnings Frama have grown in size, becoming a large manufacturer in the mailing solutions industry.

Since 1970 Frama have been based in Lauperswil, Switzerland. As a worldwide provider of franking systems, Frama have many bases located across the globe. This enables them to expand and grow in industries around the world.

Approximately 360 employees work for Frama AG and they are based in a range of countries including the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, India and many more. Other than franking systems, Frama also offer services in other industries such as folding inserting machines, payment systems and data management.

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