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FP Mailing Smart Franking Machines

Smart Meter technology was introduced in January 2011 by the Royal Mail. Since then, many businesses in the UK have migrated to using a smart franking machine, allowing them to access and use all VAT services. FP Mailing have aided with the introduction of smart meter, and as such they can offer businesses a range of FP Mailing smart franking machines.

FP Mailing Smart Franking Machines

FP Mailing have their headquarters in Berlin, Germany and they have many other factories and subsidiaries located worldwide. This includes operations in the UK, Canada and Singapore. Not only do they supply FP Mailing smart franking machines, but they also supply other useful products that can improve the mail room.

Range of FP Mailing Smart Franking Machines

There are currently many FP Mailing smart franking machines available. Their most up to date range of models consist of low, mid and high volume smart franking machines. Some of their models are smart meter compliant and others have the option of an upgrade. Use the various links below to find out more about their range of FP Mailing smart franking machines.

What is Smart Meter Technology?

Smart Meter Technology is a slightly older piece of franking technology that can be used in almost all modern FP Mailing franking machines. It may be old, but it is highly beneficial to use. It is mandatory technology to use if you use Royal Mail VAT products or services.

Smart franking machines also use something called ‘Data Capture’ to monitor what VAT products or services are being used. In return a VAT statement will be produced and this allows businesses to reclaim VAT. Smart meter also enables users to frank mail in smart blue franking ink. This will improve the readability of the franked impression. Find out more about smart franking machines here.

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