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FP Mailing Optimail 25 Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

FP Mailing Optimail 25

FP Mailing Optimail 25 Franking Machine

Low Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 25 Franks per minute)

The FP Mailing Optimail 25 franking machine is a entry level machine, suited for any business that wants to start using a franking machine. Manufactured by FP Mailing, this machine is a low franker, capable of franking up to 100 mail items a day. The Optimail 25 however does not come with an integrated scale, meaning you may need to buy another scale or choose an optional scale to weigh your mail accurately.

The FP Mailing Optimail 25 has many great features including optional features which you may or may not want with the franking machine, such as differential weighing. This machine is also Smart Meter Enabled meaning that you can use this exclusive feature to use VAT applicable services and to gain your paid VAT back. Take full advantage of Smart Meter with this FP Mailing franking machine.

However, the FP Mailing Optimail 25 machine is not set to become Mailmark compliant yet, meaning that if you wanted to use the new and cheaper Mailmark service, you will not be able to with the Optimail 25 machine. Get a low cost Mailmark Franking Machine Quote for a similar machine here.

Get low cost FP Mailing Optimail 25 Franking Machine Supplies here.
Get a low cost Franking Machine Quote for a similar machine here.

FP Mailing Optimail 25 Specifications

Speed: 25 letters per minute, 100 letters per day
Scale: Not Integrated
Feed Method: Manual
Max Envelope Thickness: 5mm
Mailmark Compliant: No
Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
Advertisements: Up to 6
Text Messages: Up to 6
Cost Centres: Up to 3
Sealer Option: Yes
Differential Weighing: No
Colour: Blue
Connection Method: Analogue Line
Dimensions: Length: 320mm, Depth: 290mm, Height: 220mm

FP Mailing Optimail 25 Running Costs

Ink: From £44.85 for around 3,300
Labels: From £4.95 for at least 200 labels
Envelopes: From 9.95 for at least 50 Envelopes

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