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FP Mailing Franking Meters

FP Mailing are one of the world’s leading franking meter suppliers. As such they can offer their own range of FP Mailing franking meters. The latest Smart Meter technology and Mailmark technology are bother integrated into their latest range of meters. This allows more businesses to benefit from the latest franking technologies. FP Mailing’s current range of franking meters includes the Postbase Mini, Postbase Qi9, Postbase One and Qi 3000.

Range of FP Mailing Franking Meters

FP Mailing Franking Meter

FP Mailing can currently supply businesses with a wide range of franking meters. Find out more about the current range of FP Mailing franking meters below and get more information or a quote.

The franking meter list above is FP Mailing’s most up to date range. They all come with the latest Mailmark & Smart Meter technologies as well as a range of other features.

Older Range of FP Mailing Mailing Meters

FP Mailing have supplied many different types of franking meters over the years and some are still being used. Some of their older range of franking meters however frank in red ink and do not use the latest Mailmark franking. This means that some meters cannot benefit from using the lower postage rates. Some of the older range of FP Mailing franking meters can be seen below.

  • FP Mailing Optimail Franking Meter
  • FP Mailing T1000 Franking Meter
  • FP Mailing Optimail 25 / 30 / 35 Franking Meter
  • FP Mailing Ultimail 60 / 65 / 90 / 95 Franking Meter
  • FP Mailing Jetmail Franking Meter

If your business is still using one of the above FP Mailing franking meter then you may wish to invest in a new and more updated meter. View our range of franking machines here and receive quick franking meter quotes for a similar model.

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