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Royal Mail Mailmark

Royal Mail’s Mailmark ™ is a brand New way of preparing mail to be processed by the Royal mail. The Royal Mail MailMark ™ frank is a cheaper and more effective upcoming alternative to the current frank used by all to allow extra ease for the Royal Mail and to allow extra benefits for its users. The new Mailmark ‘Value’ frank will print a new 2D Bar code, along with the Royal Mail “delivered by” branding as well as a new visual identifier to show the class of mail and the size/format whilst still allowing you to place a return address as well as your company logo or your slogan.

Price Benefit

Maximise Postal discounts along with the use of a Royal Mail Mailmark compatible / compliant franking machine which you can browse here.

‘Prepay’ Business Reply Product

Thanks to Royal Mail Mailmark and a compatible franking Machine you can now also gain access to a brand new Business Reply Product that will help your company by improving response to your company as well as organisation and reports to help you increase your business.

Automatic Postal Price / Rate Change Updates

Automatic updates will apply instantly on the exact same day as the Royal mail change them, in order to avoid surcharges and the extra hassle that you currently have.

Finally Drop The Analogue Line

Royal Mail Mailmark will finally allow you to drop the analogue phone line and utilize the LAN connections which will help reduce costs as well as upload and download speeds to increase overall speed of.

A More Professional Image

Royal Mail Mailmark’s new 2D barcode frank will grant a more professional image while still allowing you to add company logo and external return address.

Enhanced Online Data

Enhanced data via online Mailcoms Mail Reports providing you with instant usage information to ensure that you can make critical business decisions and changes on the fly with ease and reassurance.

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