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Pitney Bowes DI6080 Folding Inserting Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

A folding inserting machine will help improve the look of your mail as every item folded will look more professional and this can make your business look better. One such machine that can do this is the Pitney Bowes DI6080 machine. This is a heavy duty machine and the latest versions available from Pitney Bowes. This machine is flexible and durable enough for any mail loads.

Pitney Bowes DI6080

The Pitney Bowes DI6080 folder inserter can handle a wide range of mail items including different sized envelopes in one job. Set up the machine how you want as every feeder can be the main addressed document. This means that the operator will only load the feeders that are needed, helping to reduce set up time spent emptying feeders in previous jobs.

Insert and sheet feeders can hold up to 4,000 items which can be easily loaded during operation, allowing the machine to run for longer. The folding speed will automatically adjust depending on what is being folded. This means you can minimize the chance of stoppages with the DI6080 model as it can run at optimum speeds all the time.

Pitney Bowes DI6080 Folding Inserting Machine

High Volume Folding Inserting Machine (speed of up to 8,000 letters per hour)

The Pitney Bowes DI6080 folding inserting machine can fold mail items at incredible speeds reaching 8,000 letters per hour and this makes this model highly advanced. This is a high volume model and one of the fastest available at this current moment.

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Pitney Bowes DI6080 Specifications

View the specifications for the Pitney Bowes DI6080 here.

  • Speed: 8,000 envelopes per hour
  • Speed: 2,500 C4 envelopes an hour
  • Job memories: Unlimited
  • Insertion Capability: up to 8mm in C4 envelopes
  • Configuration: 2 Sheet & 4 Insert Feeders
  • A4 Feeder Capacity: 1000 to 4000 Documents
  • Insert Feeder Capacity: 1500 Inserts
  • Envelope Feeder Capacity: 1000 Envelopes
  • C4 Module Feeder Capacity: 250 Pocket Envelopes
  • Dimensions: Length: 1700m, Depth: 1820mm
  • Dimensions: Weight: 550 Kg

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