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Printing support for the Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine. Below you will be able to find a range of printing support for this franking machine. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailstart Plus (+) Printing Support

Replacing the Ink Cartridge

Watch this video to learn how to replace the ink cartridge for the franking machine.

Follow these steps to replace the ink cartridge:

NOTE: Your franking machine works on an ink drop system to determine when your ink is low and when your ink is out. If your ink cartridge is removed and then re-installed, the ink count begins again.

1. Press Menu/Options

2. Scroll and select Use ink functions?

3. Scroll and select Replace ink cartridge?

4. Open the top cover and locate your print head.

5. Press the top of your ink cartridge latch located on the green unlock icon. Note: If your latch is stuck, the bottom of a pen can be used to firmly press down on the lock.

6. Tilt your old cartridge forward and lift it out. Discard your old cartridge.

7. Remove your new cartridge from its package and pull off the protective tape.

8. Tilt your new cartridge forward and insert it into your print head. Straighten your cartridge so that it is upright.

9. Press down on your ink cartridge latch firmly until it locks into place.

10. Close your postage franking machine cover. Press Enter/Yes.

11. Press Enter/Yes to confirm your replacement. A print head initialization that lasts about 2-3 minutes occurs.

12. When prompted, insert an envelope or tape sheet to print a test pattern to confirm your print quality.

13. If your test print looks good, press Enter/Yes. If it looks poor, press No. Your franking machine will clean the printer nozzles and prompt you for another test pattern.

Replacing the Print Head

To Improve the printing quality of your franking machine you may need to replace the print head. To do this please follow the following simple steps:

1. Press Options.

2. Scroll until Use the Functions? displays. Press Enter/Yes.

3. Scroll until Install new print head? displays. Press Enter/Yes.

4. Open the top cover.

5. Press the unlock symbol to open the ink cartridge cover.

6. Remove the ink cartridge by angling towards you while lifting and place it to one side for reuse later. Take care at this stage - the cartridge may leak from the bottom. Place a space piece of paper to your side and place on top.

7. Press together the two small tabs at the bottom of the ink cartridge holder. Swing this piece upwards from the back.

8. Remove the old print head by lifting one of the black tabs and pulling the print head towards you. DO NOT DISCARD & TRY NOT TO TOUCH THE BOTTOM OF THE PRINT HEAD. Place the print head onto a piece of paper or a napkin.

9. Remove the new print head's protective parts by squeezing the yellow tabs on the white print head holder. Keep this part to re-package the old print head to return to us.

10. Remove he yellow piece by pulling the side. Keep this part to re-package the old print head.

11. Fit the new print head. Angel the print head down and back.

12. Swing down the print head guard until it clicks into place.

13. Refit the ink cartridge you removed at Step 6. Angel the cartridge down and back.

14. Swing down the ink cartridge latch. Press down on the green circle nearest to you.

15. Close the top cover. Press Enter/Yes.

16. A prompt will show saying "Important - Is print head/ink installed?", press Enter/Yes. The franking machine will then go through a process to install the ink into the new print head. This will take several minutes.

17. To test the new print head, insert a tape sheet or envelope to print a test pattern. If the test print is good, press Enter/Yes. If the test print is poor, press no to perform additional maintenance.

Poor Print Quality

To Improve printing quality please follow the following simple steps:

1. Press Options once.

2. Use the Review keys ▲▼ to scroll and select "Use ink functions?". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

3. Use the Review keys ▲▼ to scroll and select "Clean printer nozzles?". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

4. Display says "Preparing Ink" Please wait …", whilst printer nozzles are being cleaned.

5. When display message "Insert envelope" appears, please do so. The machine is preparing a test pattern.

6. Display says "Test pattern OK? (lines complete)".

7. If you are satisfied with the result, confirm by pressing Enter/Yes. If there are lines missing, select No. In this case the machine will clean the nozzles again.

Note: Should the result despite cleaning not improve or even deteriorate, the cartridge may be empty or the print head faulty.

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