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Presets support for the Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine. Below you will be able to find a range of presets support for this franking machine. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailstart Plus (+) Preset Support

Presets on Your Mailing System

Presets are referred to as the values automatically loaded by your franking machine when it starts. You can change them according to your needs. Please be aware that you have to select the respective setting (Envelope Message image - formerly logo, class required) in advance. Please proceed as follows:

1. Press the "Options" key.

2. Use the Review keys ▲▼ to scroll and select "Change setup".

3. Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

4. Use the Review keys ▲▼ to scroll and select "Use Preset Setup". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

5. Display says "Turn Preset on? (Y/N)". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

6. Display says "New postal rates since preset created". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

7. Use the Review keys ▲▼ to scroll and select "Store new preset?". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

8. Display says "Review settings to be stored?". Press the No key.

9. Display says "Confirm store new preset". Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

10. Display says "View new preset?". Press the No key.

11. Display says "Stay in Setup?". Press the No key.

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