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Postage support for the Mailcoms Mailbase Speed franking machines. Below you will be able to find a range of postage support for these franking machines. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailbase Speed Postage Support

Pre-Paid Reply Instructions

1. From the home screen, press ‘select a carrier’. Two options will be displayed: Royal Mail & Surcharge

2. Select Royal Mail.

3. Now page down until Pre-Paid Reply is shown. Select this option.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only send letters this way, not parcels.

PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to Mailmark compatible franking machines.

Performing a Surcharge Payment or Manual Payment

1. From the home screen , press ‘select a carrier’. Two options will be displayed: Royal Mail & Surcharge

2. Select Surcharge payment.

3. The screen will then display Surcharge again. Select this option.

4. The screen will then display ‘Class Surcharge Option’ and a cursor will be flashing in the top right hand corner. This is where the value you enter is displayed. Enter the required value.

• Select the green button Yes/Enter if the amount entered is correct.

• Select the red button No if the amount entered is incorrect and this will take you back a screen.

5. Finally after you have selected the green button Yes/Enter to confirm above then you will be asked to confirm the amount – Select the green button again to confirm.

You should now be able to print your impression.

Error Code 7, 11 & 104

Occasionally the Mailbase Speed will show error codes on the franking machine. These errors usually come to light when you are trying to recredit the franking machine and are linked to the meter via the manufacturer. The machine will fail to connect and will display one of the following messages:

Error 7 - This suggests there is a hold on your postage account and is usually caused by a lack of connection activity to the manufacturer’s server. In order to release this hold can you please contact your franking machine supplier and provide them with your company name and meter number.

Error 11 - This hold is placed on the meter usually due to the equipment location being unknown, non-payment of invoices, etc. In order to get this released please contact your franking machine supplier and provide them with your company name and meter number.

Error 104 - If you are trying to recredit the franking machine and the machine displays an Error 104 this means you are attempting to recredit by an incorrect amount. The Mailbase Speed can only recredit in increments of £50.00.

How to check your PBP Account Balance

1. Press ‘Add Postage’.

2. Select ‘Check PbP balance’.

3. The system now connects to the Data Centre (this may take a few minutes). Various screens display, letting you know the status of the process.

4. The Postage by Phone account balances display. Select ‘continue’ to return to the home screen.

How to check your last download of funds

1. Press reports button (it may ask you to press ‘printable reports’).

2. Select ‘Add postage’ report.

3. The machine will then ask you to insert an item to print onto (label or envelope).

4. This will then show you the last 5 refills you have done on your meter, including time, date and account number.

How to check the funds level on your franking machine

To check the used/unused funds to see if you have downloaded funds already without realising, select ‘funds’ and scroll through to the used and unused. Unused will provide a balance of what is loaded on the machine and available to use.

If you have funds available then you can download this to your machine in increments of £50.00. If you have zero funds available then you will either have downloaded funds within the last 4 or 5 working days and if on Direct Debit the funds are yet to be replenished, or you have downloaded but if on invoice payment, the payment is still clearing or the invoice is still awaiting payment.

If there are no funds available and no funds on the machine already and you need funds immediately then you will need to make a payment into the postage account. We do not recommend making a payment by credit card.

Postage paid into your postage account by BACS needs to be given 4/5 working days to clear and become available in your account and to download.

To pay your postage by BACS or Bank Transfer please direct payment to the following bank account:

Sort Code – 20-36-98

Account Number – 90792950

Account Name – Postage by Phone

Please ensure your Recrediting Account Number is quoted as a reference to allow instant identification of your payment. The bank remittance should then be either faxed or e-mailed to the following - 01279 449381 or pbremittances.uk@pb.com.

If funds are required urgently, in this instance after you have made the payment can you please e-mail the bank remittance to info@mailcoms.co.uk, supplying the used and unused readings from your machine (these can be found by selecting ‘funds’ and scrolling through), after which we can try and get these funds made available to you before they have cleared.

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