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Connection support for the Mailcoms Connect 500W / 1000 / 2000 franking machines. Below you will be able to find a range of connection support for these franking machines. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Connect Series Connection Support

How to resolve Connection Due or Connection Required by Post

If the franking machine displays the message, Connection Due or Connection Required by Post, and the machine will not run then you need to resolve this. The main cause of this is that the franking machine is required to connect to the data server by the Post Office.

Connect to the data server to clear the message and allow normal use of your franking machine. Follow these steps:

1. Connect your franking machine to a network line or a USB cable for PC Meter Connect or Communication Device.

2. Select Connect Now, or have the franking machine check the PbP balance. Note: You do not have to add funds to your meter to clear this message.

3. If there are any pending downloads, complete those now.

If your issue is not resolved, contact your franking machine supplier and have your model number ready.

How to resolve connection errors

If your Connect+ franking machine is showing any of the following errors, then you have a connection problem.

0180610013, 0180610014, 0180610015, 018061001B, 0186610008, 0187410013, 0187610002, 0187610003, 0187610004, 0187610005, 0187610006, 0187610008, 018761000A, 018761000B, 08761000D, 018761000E, 018761000F, 0187610014, 0187610015, 0187610016, 0187610017, 0187810001, 0187810007, 0187810009, 0190410010, 0193A1000F, 019541000A, 019561000B, 019561000E, 0195610012, 0195610013, 0195610014, 0195610015, 0195610016, 019561001D, 0195610027, 0195610029, 0195610038, 019561003A, 019561003B, 0195610041, 0197210006, 0197210007, 0197210008, 0197210009, 0197210017, 019721001B, 019721001C, 019721001F, 0197410012 ,0197410013, 018061001, 0180610013, 0187A10017, 020124001C , 020124001C, 018061001A, 019721001E, 018761000D, 018761000C

Follow these steps to resolve the connection problem:

1. Clear the error.

2. Check for green/amber or orange/amber lights where your network cable plugs into your franking machine:

a) If you see lights, your network cable is connected.

b) If you do not see lights, make sure both sides of the network cable are plugged in securely.

3. Restart the machine:

a) Select the Gear from the lower right corner of the home screen.

b) Select Shut Down from the menu.

c) Select Shut Down from the pop-up.

d) Unplug the network cable from the left side of the machine.

e) Wait for the display and blue light to go out. This may take a few minutes.

f) Press the Power button.

g) Once the machine has fully booted up, reconnect the network cable.

h) Clear any errors and test the connection.

4. Review the Connect+ Series Networking Technical Specifications and make sure that your network firewall is not blocking the franking machine.

If the issue is not resolved after following these steps, contact your franking machine supplier and have your model number ready.

How to configure a wireless connection

Wireless (WiFi) is not user configurable on the Connect+ Series. If your settings have changed, contact your franking machine supplier and have your model number ready.

Resolve "Private IP not available"

If your Connect+ Series displays the message Private IP not available and takes over 10 minutes to start up then an internal setting is incorrect.

If you receive this error then contact your franking machine supplier and have your model number ready.

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