Matrix F12 Printing Support

The ink cartridge in the Matrix F12 is manufactured using two ‘offset’ HP45 ink cartridges. These sometimes need maintenance usually caused by either clogged up nozzles caused by paper dust or they can dry out either in transit / storage or if the machine is not used for a period of time. To resolve the problem try performing the following steps:

1. Remove the ink cartridge from the franking machine.

2. Give the print heads a good clean with a warm damp cloth or tissue.

3. Holding the alcohol wipe enclosed with your cartridge, or a few sheets of tissue paper against the heads, hold the cartridge so the brass print heads are pointing down and away from you and shake well. (INK MAY LEAK SO USE IN CAUTION!!!) Hold the tissue tight against the brass print heads.

4. Check to see if the ink is flowing well. You should see two sets of solid ‘tram’ lines like this:

5. If you see the similar to the image below, either no ink or broken ‘tram’ lines, wipe the print heads using the alcohol wipe enclosed or damp tissue and try the process again.

6. If the problem persists try cleaning the brass print heads with a cloth, some warm soapy water and repeat the process above.

1. Turn the unit on and open the lid or top cover.

2. Remove the ink cartridge from the franking machine.

3. Using a clean, dry lint-free cloth or the alcohol wipe supplied or a rubber clean, rub the cartridge contacts from the top to the bottom. The contact area of the cartridge should be rubbed briskly to clean the gold contacts. Ensure that you wipe your finger over the corresponding gold pins inside the franking machine to ensure no ink is on them.

4. Re-insert the cartridges and close the franking machines top cover.

5. Print a test page. If the problem persists, please contact Mailcoms via the details below.