Mailstart+ Installation Support

Watch this video to see how to safely unbox your franking machine.

Follow these steps to unbox your franking machine:

1. Take out the following items: Pack of universal franking labels, pack of late meter posting envelopes, power cables, network cables, a Smartlink device and some scales.

2. Remove the top piece of cardboard from the box. You will see your franking machine sitting in the box, surrounded by safety cardboard.

3. Carefully and gently remove the franking machine from the box (with the surrounding cardboard) and place on the floor or on a solid surface. Remove the cardboard box out of the way.

4. Slowly pull away the surrounding pieces of cardboard that are holding the franking machine together.

Watch this video to learn how to install your franking machine.

Follow these steps to install a Mailstart Plus franking machine:

1. Once the machine is plugged in and the comms device has been setup, the machine will enter install mode.

2. The machine will display “Return to install”, press the yes/enter button.

3. The machine will now connect to check the postage balance.

4. The machine will now display the prepaid balance. This usually will show as £0.00, press the Yes/enter button.

5. You will now need to enter your agreed refill amount. Type this in using the numbers on the keypad and press yes/enter.

6. The machine will now add postage to the meter.

7. You will then see a message stating the amount has been added. Press yes/enter.

8. The machine will now give you an option to print a receipt for the transaction. If you require a receipt, click Yes/enter and insert an item into the front of the machine. If you do not require a receipt, click no.

9. The machine will check for updates and will download anything that is pending.

10. Once done, you will get a message to state the installation has been successful.

11. You are now ready to start franking.