Mailstart 2 Imprint Memories Support

Imprint Memories are presets for your stamp types. Each Imprint Memory is identified by a name and a number. The system displays on the home screen the name of the current Imprint Memory.

As a user, you can quickly recall a saved setting to simplify operation and save time. As supervisor, you can create, edit/modify or delete an Imprint Memory.

The Imprint Memories allow you to create a memory preset with the rate, custom text, ad slogan and date mode for the type of imprint you would like to print. In account-activated configurations (depends on model), imprint memories can include accounts, allowing you to associate default rates to accounts.

Creating An Imprint Memory

1. Press the Menu button

2. Select Supervisor and press OK.

3. Enter PIN Code and press OK.

4. Select Predefined Imprint Management and press OK.

5. The current list of imprint memories is displayed. Select a line named NONE and press OK.

6. Enter the name of the new imprint memory and press OK.

7. Select an Ad Slogan or Text Message or None and press OK. PLEASE NOTE: An Imprint Memory can have either an Ad Slogan or a Text Message. Not both.

8. Select Date Format and press OK.

9. Select Mail Class and press OK.

10. Select Destination and press OK.

11. Select Format and press OK.

12. Select Services and press OK.

13. Summary Screen is displayed and press OK. The new imprint memory must be validated and press.

14. Press the Sleep/Wake button twice to exit. The homescreen will display the selected imprint memory name.