Mailmax Presets Support

How to Enter a Prefix Number for a Mailmax Franking Machine

These instructions will guide you through the procedure for entering a prefix number your Mailmax franking machine. Use the instructions below to find out how to easily enter a prefix number.

1. Getting to the Start Up screen – Go to the Start Up screen by pressing Info/Setup 1 and select Start Up or switch the machine off and on again.

2. Entering the supervisor Mode – Choose the highest Account Number (usually account 2 unless you have extra cost centres)and press OK.

3. Entering the supervisor PIN – Enter in your supervisor Pin Number using the numeric key pad and press OK. Use the CE button to clear any mistakes.

If you do not know your PIN please contact Customer Services on 08450 530930, 8.30am-5.30pm [Mon-Fri]

4. Normal Franking Screen – Once the pin has been entered correctly, the standard franking screen will automatically appear, press Info/Setup 1.

5. Setup Screen 1 – Press Info/Setup 2.

6. Setup Screen 2 – Press Info/Setup 3.

7. Setup Screen 3 – Press Modem Init.

8. Entering Telephone Settings – Press Telephone Number.

9. Viewing Existing Number – Here you will see the existing telephone number. Please write it down as once you start entering the number with a prefix it will disappear.

10. Entering the Prefix – Enter the prefix number followed by 01992 443485 and press OK.

11. Returning to the Franking Screen – The screen will then return to the previous screen and press CE to return to the franking screen.