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Mailhub Crediting Support

How to re-credit

This will guide you through the procedure for recrediting your Mailhub franking machine.

1. Selecting Credit Mode – From the normal postage screen press the, Money Bag Button.

2. Entering Credit Mode – The screen will then change and prompt you to enter the credifon pin number.

3. Entering Credifon Pin – Enter in your Credifon Pin Number using the numeric key pad. Use the C button to clear any mistakes.

4. Confirming Credifon Pin – Once the pin has been entered correctly, the next screen will automatically appear, asking for the amount you need to credit.

5. Checking Required Credit – Enter the amount required. Then press OK on the right-hand side of the screen using the button underneath.

6. Entering Required Credit – Press the OK on the Right-hand side of the screen using the button underneath.

7. Confirming Required Credit – The machine will then prompt for the amount to be confirmed. Press the OK on the right-hand side of the screen using the button underneath.

8. Connecting to Credifon – The machine will now connect to credifon server. This usually takes a minute to complete.

9. Completing Credit Transaction – When the display shows Re-credit Done you have successfully re-credited your machine.

10. Disconnecting from Credifon – Press the Right-hand button below the OK on the screen.

11. Returning to User Mode – The LCD display has now returned to the normal postage screen. The machine is now ready to frank your mail.

Remote credit setting

Credit may be purchased from Credifon, using the Credifon re-setting system, in units of £10, minimum £50.00, maximum £1000.00 or to a credit limit as agreed.

Check that the Telephone Cable is connected to the Telephone Socket at the rear of the machine and the other end to an adjacent telephone line outlet.

The machine only requires connection to the telephone line outlet during the re-credit transaction or when the message “INSP REQD” is displayed.

As a Credifon user you will have been issued with your own CREDIFON PIN, therefore to initiate a valid credit-resetting sequence, the correct PIN must be used.

1. From Ready Mode or ‘Inspection Due – Recredit’ screen, press the money bag button. The prompt to enter your CREDIFON PIN will be observed, please remember this is NOT the same as your User PIN.

2. Enter your CREDIFON PIN.

3. Using the numerical key pad, enter the credit amount you wish to purchase (e.g. £50). Press: 5 , 0 , and “OK” to confirm.

4. You will now be asked to verify the amount before proceeding.

• If amount is incorrect, press “ESC” and start again from the Enter Amount screen (step 2).

• If the amount displayed is correct, press “OK” to confirm.

5. On completion of recrediting, a RECREDIT DONE screen will be observed. Press “OK” to return to Ready Mode.

If an incorrect CREDIFON PIN was entered, the transaction will be aborted and a WRONG PIN screen will be observed. In this case, press “ESC” to return to Ready Mode, then wait for approximately two minutes before attempting to add credit, this time using the Correct CREDIFON PIN.

If for any other reason the re-credit transaction is aborted before the transfer has been completed, a RECREDIT FAILED MESSAGE will be observed.

Press “ESC” to return to Ready Mode, then wait for approximately two minutes before attempting to try again. If a re-credit transaction is aborted the value is automatically reset to that previously selected for any subsequent retry.

If recrediting satisfactory, press “OK” to return to Ready Mode

‘INSPECTION DUE – RECREDIT’ Call Credifon Procedure

If you do not apply for credit or connect to Credifon within 90 days, then a INSPECTION DUE screen will display.

To action this message you should complete a zero value re-credit transaction (see “Remote Credit Setting”, step 1). This allows the Royal Mail to inspect your meter and help prevent possible fraud.

Unused or Spoilt Impressions

The entire envelope (wrapper, label or form), including post mark, should be returned within three months to Royal Mail. Provided that the franking is legible, the face value (less 5%) will be refunded.

Application for a new Credifon PIN

If you lose or forget your Credifon PIN you must apply for a new PIN in writing on your company headed paper to the following address:

Credifon – Accounts

Neopost Limited

Neopost House

South Street


Essex RM1 2AR

If you find your old Credifon PIN at a later date, it must be destroyed immediately.

Please do not attempt to use an old Credifon PIN to effect a transaction.

When you receive your new Credifon PIN, keep it in a safe place and separate from your Credifon Meter.

Credifon Credit Controls

Credifon is a uniquely flexible system designed to meet your company’s needs. If your CREDIFON account funds fall below your pre-arranged limit, a payment request will be intitiated.

To assist you in managing the credit held in the meter, there are two credit limits which can be set by contacting Neopost Credifon Accounts:

1. Account Credit Limit – This credit limit affects the overall account;

2. Machine Credit Limit – This specifies the maximum amount that can be re-credited in a single operation. This will set at £1000-00 unless specified otherwise.

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