IS240/IS280 Connection Support

If you experience re-crediting problems via the phone line there’s usually a simple explanation. If when trying to re-credit and you receive a ‘Connection Error’ it’s almost always caused because the machine cannot get an outside line.

The first thing to check is to check this make sure there is a telephone cable plugged into the back of the machine and follow it to the socket on the wall.

If you’ve checked the line but still cannot get an outside line the machine may need to dial a prefix, such as ‘9’. (Tip – Try using your fax line as this is always a suitable solution, remember if you have to insert 9 before you send a fax)

If you’ve checked the above and are still experiencing problem try one of the following:

– If there is broadband on the line make sure the line is plugged into a broadband filter and not straight into the wall.

– If you’ve had recent changes to your phone system check the line the machine uses is still live or that the settings have not altered.

– Test the phone line using an analogue phone (a home style phone) and dial your mobile or other number.

– Is there a faulty phone cable? Try using a phone cable from another device or phone.

– Does the phone line have ‘Broadband’ and if so is the franking machine phone using an ADSL filter? If it is using a broadband filter try a different one as we have known these to fail.

If you have tried all of the above and are convinced that the fault lies with the franking machine then please contact us via the details below.