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IJ30 / IJ35 / IJ40 / IJ45 / IJ50 Scale Support

Used in conjunction with your IJ30, IJ35, IJ40, IJ45 & IJ50 franking machines, the weighing platform will weigh and calculate the correct rate and value for items up to the weighing platforms maximum capacity. Setting of values for printing is automatic.

When postal rates change, your machine may be updated by installing a Rate Card which can be obtained from your franking machine supplier. For information relating to the installation of new postal rates, please refer to our Memory Card support page.

Weighing Platform Preparation

1. Ensure that the weighing platform is plugged in to the correct port at the back of the franking machine and that the platform surface is clear of any obstruction.

2. From Ready mode, press the scale button. The weigh platform screen will now be observed.

3. Current RATE settings will be displayed.

4. If NO PLATFORM is displayed instead of the Weight and Postage Rate, check the scale connection and start again.

If the weight indicated exceeds 0g press the scale button to Zero the weigh platform.

How to Calculate the Correct Postage & Rate?

1. To change the RATE setting press the “MODIFY” button, the RATE screen will be observed.

2. A list of Postage Rates currently available will now be displayed. To return to the previous screen with Rate setting unchanged, press the “CANCEL” button.

3. Using the arrow keys, or the appropriate number key, select required Rate option from list, (e.g. 5 Outside Eur Air Sml Pkt), press “SELECT” to confirm. A new screen will be displayed.

For some rates you may be prompted to scroll down and make further selections for example:

DESTINATION – will require in this case a choice between 1 Out Europe Air 1, or 2 Out Europe Air 2.

SERVICE – will require in this case a choice between 1 Reg O’seas 1, 2 Reg O’seas 2 or 3 Airsure.

A service can be added to the selected rate by pressing “ON/OFF” and then “ACCEPT”.

4. Make your selections and return to the WEIGH PLATFORM screen by pressing “SELECT”.

5. Place the item to be weighed on the platform, the weight and postage will be displayed.

6. To accept the selection and set the value, press “ACCEPT”.

7a. If you wish to accept the Postage displayed, press “ACCEPT” to return to Ready Mode with the postage value selected.

7b. Alternatively, press the “START/STOP” button to accept the postage value displayed and frank the postage value on to your envelope or label.

7c. If you wish to reject the Postage displayed, press “MODIFY”, you will be returned to the RATE screen where you may revise your settings.

8. To weigh further items repeat the procedure.

Tare Function

1. Press the scale button.

2. Place an empty container on the platform.

3. Press the scale button, zero weight will now be displayed.

4. Place the filled container on the platform. The weight now displayed will be that of the contents of the container.

5. To return to normal use, clear the scale platform and press the scale button. The displayed weight will return to 0g.

To calibrate or zero the weigh platform

If the Weigh Platform indicates a weight over 0g when it is clear, it must be reset to zero by pressing the scale button when already in scale mode.

Using differential weighing (optional)

If differential weighing mode is activated:

1. In user mode, press “MENU”

2. Select “WEIGHING MODE” by pressing 5 or the arrow keys, and press “OK”. The weighing mode screen will be displayed.

3. Select “Differential” by pressing 2 or the arrow keys, and press “OK”.

4. Press “ESCAPE”.

5. Press the scale button and the differential weighing screen will be displayed.

6a. Select RATE and SERVICE like in Standard mode OR;


6c. Select PRINT LABEL MODE and press modify (if necessary) and a printing label mode screen will be displayed.

7. Select “No label” for example, and press “OK”. A new screen will be displayed.

8. Place a stack of items (if it is not yet done) on the weighing platform, remove one item and print it.

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