DM400c / DM400M Waste Tank Support

How to Install a Replacement Waste Ink Pad in a DM400c & DM400M

Watch this video to learn how to install a replacement waste ink pad on your DM400c & DM400M franking machine.
PLEASE NOTE: Your machine may appear different to the one shown in this video but the process is exactly the same.

Follow these steps to install a replacement waste ink pad:

1. Remove the new ink waste tray from the packaging, and set both tray and packaging aside

2. Pull the ink drawer out from the side of your franking machine

3. Remove the ink waste tray

4. Put the used ink waste tray in the packaging that your new ink waste tray came in

5. Insert the new ink waste tray into the ink drawer, and then close the drawer

6. Select Options Button

7. Press Page Down

8. Select Maintenance

9. Select Printer Maintenance

10. Press Page Down

11. Select Replace Waste Tank

12. Select OK, I Understand

13. Select Yes, Tray is Replaced

14. Verify that your machine is operational by running two or three £0 stamps