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Pitney Bowes Connect+® 1000 Franking Machine Review – By Mailcoms

The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 franking machine is one of the few franking machines that comes with the capability to frank in full colour. You can frank mail in any colour and choose from a range of choices. Frank in smart blue, black and white or full colour. This machine uses top of the range printing technology of 1200 dpi which will help produce a clean and clear frank every time.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 Franking Machine Review

The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 franking machine comes with an easy to use full colour touch screen that will aid the franking process. The colour touch screen is 10.2″ in size, and this can be upgraded to a 15″ touch screen if you wish. Frank all your mail with ease with the Connect+ 1000 machine.

This franking machine can frank at an incredible top speed of 180 letters every minute. Based on our experience with a similar machine, this model will be suited for any business franking as many as 1000 mail items everyday. By using a fully automatic feeding system, larger sized business will be able to frank all of their mail with ease.

Other incredible features that come with this franking machine include as many as 2,000 departmental accounts, a maximum envelope thickness of 16mm, a variety of weighing scales and the most up to date franking technologies. Get a franking machine quote here for a similar machine here.

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Connect+ 1000 Specifications

View the specifications of the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 Franking Machine below.

  • Speed: 180 LPM
  • Feeding System: Fully Automatic Feeding
  • Interfaced Weighing Options: 5, 7, 12 or 35 Kg scales
  • Max. Envelope thickness: 16mm
  • Minimum Material Size: 89mm x 127mm
  • Maximum Material Size: 254mm x 356mm
  • Connectivity: LAN Connection
  • Print Colour: Postal blue, black & white, process colour
  • Print Quality: 1200 dpi
  • Touch Screen Display: 10.2″ as standard, 15″ optional
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • Adverts: Yes
  • Departmental Accounts: 50 as standard, 2,000 optional
  • PIN Protection: Yes
  • Barcode Scanner: Optional
  • Differential Weighing: Optional
  • Weigh-on-the-Way: No
  • Dimensions-on-the-Way: No
  • Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
  • Mailmark Compatible: Yes

Connect+ 1000 Dimensions

View the dimensions of the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 franking machine below.

  • Length of machine: 1,257mm
  • Width of machine: 635mm
  • Power Stacker: Adds 483mm to length
  • Colour: Adds 165mm to length
  • Weight of machine: 27.7kg

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