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1000 Frama Matrix F12 Franking Labels



1000 Frama Matrix F12 Double Sheet Franking Labels
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Product Description

Our high quality Frama Matrix F12 compatible franking labels have been thoroughly tested and work perfectly with modern day barcode printing franking technology. Same day dispatch on all Frama Matrix F12 ink & labels.

These high quality franking labels are Frama Matrix F12 labels. Our franking machine labels are versatile and made of a high quality. They are suitable for the Frama Matrix F12 franking machine inkjet printing.

1000 High Quality Frama Matrix F12 Double Sheet Franking Labels

  • Full Telephone & Instant Chat Support Available By Qualified Franking Machine Technicians.
  • Dispatched by Mailcoms® who are a Royal Mail Approved Ink Supplier & Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer Of Franking Machines.
  • Ideal for the Frama Matrix F12 Franking Machine
  • Label Type: Double 2 per Sheet Franking Label
  • Label Size: 150mm x 43mm
  • Box Quantity: 500 sheets (1000 Labels)

Guarnatee ImageMailcoms will guarantee these franking labels to be as good quality as any other manufacturer and be suitable for your franking machine or we will offer a full refund.