Obsolete Franking Machines

Help! My machine has been discontinued!

Some manufacturers have notified some of their customers that their franking machine will either be no longer supported or will no longer be able to be recredited.

Unfortunately if a manufacturer withdraws the postage top up /recrediting facility on a particular franking machine it’s unable to be recredited via an alternative company or server.

Many confused and disgruntled customers have contacted us to see if we can help. Whilst we are unable to assist with your old equipment we can certainly help by offering far more cost effective options without ‘Made Up’ trade in discounts or over priced so called ‘Special Offers’.

Beware of the Proposed Replacement Franking Machine Specification:

Many customers have also commented that their existing suppliers are offering special deals on new replacement equipment. Customers are being offered cheap entry level franking machines at a supposed discounted price but what they receive isn’t a like for like machine. Most of the machines that are being taken out of service are old mechanical ‘Pass Through’ franker’s that are very quick to frank and very cheap to run. Modern entry level franker’s can take up to 3 times longer to print a frank and are manually inserted and manually removed which for many customers using the old style mechanical ‘Fast Pass’ through machines find it very frustrating.

Beware of the Proposed Replacement Franking Machine Running Costs:

Also with most modern franking machines there are extra costs that customers are unaware of until they take delivery of the equipment such as expensive ink cartridges and transaction fees for adding postage to their machine. Another charge new to most customers is the cost of Royal Mail postage rate updates. As modern franking machines have built in scales these need to be kept up to date with the latest pricing. The Royal Mail usual change their prices twice per year which can cost around £80 per postage rate change. These costs are often not mentioned when being offered ‘ special offers’ to replace equipment.

For more information on the running costs of the latest UK franking machines CLICK HERE to see our unique review and comparison page.

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