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Why Are Smart Franking Machines Smart?

In today’s modern world we live around smart devices. Whether they are smartphones, smart homes or smart cars, everything is becoming smart. However many people are confused as to what smart technology actually is and what makes something have the ‘smart’ label. This confusion even extends to our industry as many customers use smart franking machines to frank mail.

You may wonder exactly what a smart franking machine actually is and what makes these type of franking machines have the ‘smart’ label. If you have any questions regarding your current franking machine model or about the latest Royal Mail Mailmark update please do not hesitate to contact Mailcoms.

Be Smart About Your VAT

Most smart franking machines have a number of technological advances integrated into the machine but they all provide the same main function – to correctly calculate the VAT paid for a franked item. The reason for the ‘smart’ introduction was due to EU legislation during 2011 which changed the rules of how mail is sent in the EU. The legislation basically meant some products and services were subject to VAT whilst others were not.

For example Special Delivery Next Day is a VAT eligible service and sending this type of mail will produce a VAT charge that has to be monitored and paid to the taxing authorities. A smart franking machine therefore handles such charges for you, being very convenient. This is done via some minor data input from the user which guarantees both the user and the Royal Mail are charged the correct VAT for invoices when reclaiming paid tax from HMRC.

Other Features Of A Smart Franking Machine

The latest smart franking machines however do a lot more than just calculating your VAT. Smart franking machines provides users with exclusive access to all the latest postage discounts based on the latest rates released from Royal Mail.

Cloud based software is readily available in most smart franking machines and this allows the user to create online accounts for expenditure tracking. You can access all this data in one place for efficient tracking, reporting and monitoring of the franking machines usage. Best yet, you do not even have to be at the office to do any of this. You can log in to your account 24/7.

With a smart franking machine you will never have to calculate the correct VAT ever again, you will be able to track expenditure and you will be able to frank mail in improved blue franking machine ink. All of these features will benefit any business tremendously.

If you are interested in getting a smart franking machine today then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776. We are a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines and we can supply you with our very own range of models.

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