What To Do If Your Franking Machine Goes Down?

With the introduction of Mailmark franking in the franking machine industry and with the reliable postal service that the Royal Mail offer, the modern mailroom has become much more efficient and cost effective than every before. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, you can benefit from using a franking machine and franking your mail. However, as with anything technical, even a franking machine can break down or have a fault. When this happens, things in the mailroom can turn ugly rather quickly.

Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Franking Machine

The Royal Mail cannot account for any mechanical failures or other issues that your franking machine may incur. For this reason it is always down to the business to make sure that the franking machine is working and running correctly. Things can go wrong at any given moment and as such it is important to have contingency plans in place as they can be very beneficial. To help you understand what we mean, take a look at the few possible scenarios that you and your franking machine may face during its lifetime.

Scenario 1 – Running Our Of Franking Ink

One of the most common examples that we here of is the franking machine running out of ink. The reason it is so frustrating is that it is totally avoidable. An entire mailroom can come to a stand still all because a spare ink cartridge is not available. Until the ink cartridge is successfully replaced, the entire mailroom will come to a halt.

You may be fortunate enough to live close to a local business who can quickly provide you with an ink cartridge, but in many cases your business could be spending a day or two manually sending mail to your local Post Office. There is a way to prevent this from happening however as you should always keep spare stock of ink cartridges, just in case an issue as serious as this occurs. Top up on your franking machine supplies today with Mailcoms.

Scenario 2 – Running Our Of Franking Labels

Whilst the franking machine can run out of ink, it is also possible to run out of franking labels. It is a avoidable issue however which is why it can be so frustrating. A mailroom can shut down because you have no franking labels to frank your larger parcels or packets. Until labels arrive you will have to manually take your mail to the local Post Office. There is a way to prevent this from happening however as you should always keep spare stock of franking labels, just as a precaution.

Scenario 3 – Mechanical Issue

A mechanical failure or breakdown of a franking machine can cause long term problems for the business that can potentially last days. You may have a service contract in place that ensures a technician can come out to your office and fix the breakdown on site within a few hours. With any luck, the franking machine will not have to be sent away. It is important to note however that some mechanical breakdowns can be avoided by having regular service and maintenance carried out on the franking machine.

How To Avoid Franking Machine Down Time

In an ideal world all franking machines would work perfectly all the time with no mechanical breakdowns or mailroom shutdowns. But this is not a perfect world. Scenarios such as the ones described above can cause issues from time to time. However it is very easy to prevent a lot of these problems buy staying ahead of the game. Do this by storing stock of your franking machine supplies and bu having regular maintenance carried out on the machine.

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