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What it means being Mailmark compatible – Guide By Mailcoms

Last year during 2014 the Royal Mail released a new piece of franking technology called Mailmark. This is now an alternative replacement for the familiar and traditional ‘town and crown’ die. This technology now makes many franking machines Mailmark compatible.

Mailmark compatible

Mailmark Compatible

A Mailmark compatible franking machine will now print a 2D barcode onto all mail items, making every item unique. Mailmark enables the Royal Mail to identify items of mail as they go through the delivery process – from mail centers to its distribution network. The aim is to give franking machine users alternative ways of franking and for greater efficiency for Royal Mail’s operations.

By being Mailmark compatible businesses can gain exclusive access to a range of extras and benefits which makes Mailmark more useful for UK businesses. Below you will be able to see the current range of Mailmark compatible models.

MailcomsPitney BowesNeopostFrama
Mailstart PlusDM60IS280cMatrix F12
MailbaseDM160iIS350cMatrix F22
Mailbase PlusDM300cIS420Matrix F32
Mailbase SpeedDM400cIS440Matrix F42
MailcentreDM475cIS480Matrix F62
Mailpoint ConnectConnect+ SeriesIS5000 / IS6000Matrix F82

Cheaper Alternative

To encourage more businesses to convert to a Mailmark compatible franking machine, Royal Mail can guarantee that Mailmark will offer the cheapest option available when sending mail.

As of 30th March 2015 the brand new Royal Mail pricing has been in effect and it up to 35% can be saved when using Mailmark for a second class letter. 19% can be saved for a first class letter. View the Royal Mail Postage Rates for 2015 here.

Upgrading to Mailmark is easy and in many cases a brand new franking machine is not required. Many of our customers have converted to a Mailmark franking machine and are now reaping the benefits.

Flexibility & Convenience

As well as this Mailmark offers more flexibility and added convenience. You can send your mail via any Post Office or mail centre, not just you local one. This is because the printed postal town will not be on the mail item.

This may only sound like a minor benefit but the flexibility and convenience to it a a real benefit, especially for smaller sized businesses. It also overcomes some companies have issued when they cannot use a Post Office across the street, simply because of a postcode.

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