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What is Franking?

We get a lot of clients and customers that are new to Franking and would like to learn more about what is franking, before they part with there hard earned money on a franking machine and franking supplies.

What is Franking?

Franking is the cheaper way of sending mail, compared to using traditional stamps. This is done via a franking machine, and if you wish to see our entire range of franking machines that we offer, please Click Here.

Franking mail is much easier and convenient to do and it can be done by everyone. Franking machines are usually used by businesses as they receive a
larger amount of mail a week. Franking is also mainly used by businesses as they enable your mail to look more professional, and this can be very
useful to a company as it can give them a competitive edge over other businesses.

Businesses of all sizes use franking machines to send their mail, and smaller businesses use them just as successfully as the larger businesses.

Franking mail is done via a franking machine, and this allows your mail to have franks on it. Franks are printed in ink, and this can be blue or red. If you wish to view or buy some franking machine ink, please Click Here.

If you frank mail, then you receive a wide range of benefits. These Include:

  • Pricing Advantages
  • Convenience
  • Immediate access to a wide range of products

If you wish to know what franked mail looks like, see the image below.

What is Franking Example

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