What is a Franking Machine Used For?

Franking machines have been around since 1884, when the first ever franking machine was invented. This piece of machinery was called the €œPostage Stamp Affixing Machine€ and was invented by Engle Frankmussler (you can see where the ‘Frank’ from ‘Franking Machine’ comes from!). At a similar time other inventors were working on similar machinery, including the creator of The Pitney Postal Machine Company Arthur Pitney. These early franking machine designs operated with a manual crank and print die, with improvements being made to them ever since.

Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

Franking Machines In Today’s Modern Era

The main purpose behind using a franking machine is to use it as a method of pre-paying for your postage costs for your mail whilst staying in contact with the Royal Mail. Each individual franking machine is linked to a business account and the user/business of the franking machine will pay for postage before franking a letter, parcel or packet that needs sending. Before sending a mail item, users must set the franking machine with the correct date and then your item will be ready to be franked. Each franking impression will be specific to that business. This is all completed via the machines inkjet technology.

In order for a franking machine to benefit each business and be suitable for different businesses, there are various different franking machines available. Size, capabilities and features will differ between the models, but they are all designed to give businesses the benefit of franking mail. There is a lot of franking machine support available from the Royal Mail and your franking machine supplier, allowing for successful running of a franking machine. Of course postage discounts will be applied to all items that are franked, being one of the main benefits of owning such technology.

A franking machine can be used to allow you to benefit from postage discounts, but another purpose of franking mail is that you can benefit from free marketing. This is due to the fact that your franking impression can now include a company logo and/or return address which allows customers know about the business. A customised slogan can also be used, meaning you can use the franking machine as a marketing tool.

Hopefully you now understand what a franking machine is used for and you may be wanting to invest in a franking machine and start benefiting. If you are interested in getting a franking machine today then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776. We are a Royal Mail Authorsied Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines and we can supply you our very own range of models.