What are the Franking Machine Features? – Guide By Mailcoms

The modern day digital franking machine makes light work of applying the correct postage costs and can save any business time and money. Naturally there are various franking machine features that are available for use in all modern franking machines.

Franking Machine Features

The primary function of a franking machine is to provide businesses with a cheaper and more efficient saving when sending mail, and this benefits both businesses and the postal service used. All franking machines must be electronically linked to the Royal Mail which they can then pay for their postage online.

However, apart from being a cheap alternative and being very convenient, a franking machine does come with many franking machine features that can aid all businesses. View some of the main features below.

Feeding System

One franking machine feature that a franking machine uses is a feeding system. This will frank your mail items and is capable of franking onto any mail item up to a maximum thickness level. This can vary from 6mm to 20mm. A feeding system can also come with a manual, semi automatic or fully automatic feeder. This depends on the model of the franking machine.

Smart Meter Technology

Franking Machine Features

Smart Meter technology is used in almost all modern franking machines and is mandatory when using any VAT service or product. Smart Meter technology allows businesses to gain access to and use VAT services whilst franking in smart blue ink. Once a VAT service is used businesses can regain this from an automated invoice from Royal Mail.

Weighing Scale

An internal or external weighing scale comes with most franking machines. This means that accurate weighing of mail items will always occur, eliminating any chance of over or under payment for a mail item. Franking machines can come with a choice of weighing scales ranging from a 2, 2.5, 5, 7, 10, 12, 30 or 35 Kg scales depending on your make and model.

Mailmark Technology

Franking Machine Features

Another franking machine feature that comes in some, but not all, modern franking machines. This is an optional service which can give businesses access to the lowest franking prices. Mailmark will apply a 2D barcode onto outgoing mail and this is the symbol of Mailmark. A whole range of Mailmark benefits will be gained when using this technology. Find out more about Mailmark here.

Accounts Feature

An accounting feature is one franking machine feature that comes in all franking machines. This allows your machine to have various departmental accounts stored onto the franking machine which will enable accurate monitoring and tracking of postage expenditure. Businesses will always be able to keep on top of their postage expenditure and help budget this in the future. The various departmental accounts can also be individually PIN code protected.

Analog & LAN Connectivity

Franking Machine Features

A franking machine can connect to a LAN connection or analog line when updating their franking machine. An analog line is the traditional method and now super fast LAN is becoming more popular. Update your franking machines postage rates and update its software quickly and easily with this feature.

Latest Postage Rates

One final franking machine feature that all machines have is the latest postage rates installed into the franking machine. This will ensure that every mail item uses the correct postage rate every time. The most up to date rates can be automatically installed with Mailmark.

If you would like to benefit from using a franking machine and all its features, view our range of franking machines here and receive a quick franking machine quote.