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What are the Benefits of a Franking Machine? – By Mailcoms

What are the Benefits of a Franking Machine

If you own a franking machine you may or may not be aware of all of the franking machine benefits that come with it. However if you are new to the franking machine industry then a common question you may wonder is what are the benefits of a franking machine?

Any business that franks their mail will receive all of franking machine benefits that come with it. A franking machine is a brilliant way to give off a improved professional image, as well as saving time and money for your business. Why queue at your local Post Office and use stamps when you can frank all your mail in the comfort of your own office?

Here at Mailcoms, we have devised a list of some of the top franking machine benefits that any business can gain with a franking machine. Take a gander below to view them.

  • Convenience – When franking mail, you can walk to the machine and frank it within minutes. However, with a stamp you would have to travel down to your Post Office and queue to buy a stamp. Franking is a much more convenient and flexible way to manage your mail.
  • With a franking machine, you can save up to 30% on your postage funds. You will save money and generate more revenue for your business with a franking machine.
  • With a franking machine allowing you to advertise your business, you can improve the professionalism of your mail and your business. Frank a company logo and personalised message onto every mail item, only with a franking machine.
  • To ensure convenience, Royal Mail offer a collection service from your business everyday, meaning you will never have to leave your office to post your mail, being extremely convenient to any business.
  • No more over paying for your mail – most franking machines come with a inbuilt weighing scale, meaning that you can weigh your letters and apply the correct postage price every time you frank, eliminating the possibility of over paying for a mail item.
  • At tax return times, franking machine can be very useful. By using the Accountability and Recording Expenditure feature, you can report on your postage costs so your business can claim full expenses on tax returns.
  • Gain access to postage discounts from the Royal Mail – Royal Mail have increased the discounts that can be made when using franked mail as it is cheaper to handle than issuing stamps. View the discounts that can be made on our 2014 Wall Poster.
  • Mailmark – with the new Mailmark service, you will receive all of the above franking benefits, as well as more Mailmark benefits. This new service will allow you to gain access to more benefits such as lower franking costs and an improved business image. Find out more information about Mailmark here.

Franking Machine Quote

Franking Machines are suited to meet the needs of all businesses large or small. If you are looking to buy a franking machine, and would like to take full advantage of all of the above franking machine benefits, then get a low cost Mailmark Franking Machine Quote or a Franking Machine Quote here and reap the benefits.

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