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US Postage – Guide to US Postage by Mailcoms

US Postage

The US Postage services began way back in 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first ever postmaster general for the United States postal services. The US Postage system has changed since, and now the main postage provider in the USA is the United States Postal Service (USPS), also known as the Post Office or U.S. Mail.

us postage

The USPS is an agency of the US government responsible for the delivery of mail across the United States. They were formed in 1971, and they are now the largest postal service provider in the USA and have over 500,000 employees. The US Postal Service works by them having access to letter boxes and personal letter boxes throughout the country. They then deliver the mail across the country to its destination, and this is open for all American citizens to use. However, the USPS is not the only postage provider in the USA, and they compete with other postal service providers. These include UPS and FedEx, both major package delivery services across the globe.

In 2014, USPS are increasing the prices paid for mailing your mail via stamps. The new US Postage rates include the following:

  • First class letters were $0.46 and are now $0.49.
  • First class flats were $0.92 and are now $0.98.
  • Postcards were $0.33 and are now $0.34.
  • USPS now tracks mail to more countries. These include: Finland, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Singapore, Hungary, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Gibraltar.
  • Maximum weight for Rate Group 2 (Mexico) was 44lbs and is now 70lbs.
  • First Class packaging service will see a 5% increase.

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