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UK Postage

UK Postage. In the UK, postal services are provided by mainly two companies. They dominate the market and the company names are The Royal Mail and The Post Office Ltd. They both provide services to people in the UK so they can send and receive letters / parcels, whether it be in the UK or to another country. This market in the UK however has been open to competition since 2006, thriving business to business delivery. To be able to use these services, you need to use either traditional stamps or modern franks. Stamps are bought from shops, whereas franks are much cheaper and come from a Franking Machine.

UK Postage

The Royal Mail

UK postage company 1

Royal Mail UK PostageThe Royal Mail is one postal service company, and they deliver mail across the entire UK, and are responsible for universal mail collection and delivery. To use this service, simply stamp or frank your mail and send it to a post box, The Royal Mail will do the rest. The Royal Mail allows post to be sent at different rates depending on the class of the post. To see the postal rates in the UK, Click Here.

The Post Office Ltd

UK postage company 2

Post Office UK PostageThe other main postal service company in the UK is Post Office Ltd. These provide customers with a wide range of products and services, such as stamps, banking services and bill payments. This is done via its nationwide network of post office branches. Post Office Ltd however is owned by the UK Government. They have 12,000 branches in the UK, many off which are franchised out to companies such as WHSmith.

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