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Track your Mail with the Royal Mail – Guide By Mailcoms

One of the many services that you can use when sending mail with the Royal Mail is the tracking of mail items. The Royal Mail allows you to track your mail. To use this service, you can use one of three services. These include:

  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed
  • Royal Mail Tracked
  • Royal Mail Signed For.

Track your Mail with the Royal Mail

When you track your mail, you can view the signature of the person who receives your mail item. You can also see the progress of your mail items during the delivery process. To do this, you will require a 13 character reference number directly from your local Post Office.

If your decide to use Royal Mail Signed For, then you can track your mail to see if it has been delivered and to see who has signed for the item. However you cannot track your mail throughout the entire delivery journey. If you wish to track your mail from A to B, then your must use the Special Delivery Guaranteed service.

When you send mail to another destination which is outside of the UK, the Royal Mail also allow you to track your mail items. If you wish to do this, then the Royal Mail International Tracking & Signature Service is the one you must use.

Using a Franking Machine!

Track your Mail with the Royal Mail

If your business uses a franking machine to send your mail items then all of the above services will be much lower in price to use. These services are available at the click of a button on your machine. Once you have used the correct services, you must take your mail items to the Post Office. This is so that you can keep a receipt and for them to endorse your mail.

If you would like to benefit from the lower franking prices and use a franking machine to send mail, recive a franking machine quote here.

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