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It’s Time to Personalise Your Mail!

Personalise Your Mail Today!

If your business send out various amounts of mail every day, it may be time to invest in a franking machine so your out going mail can be more effective. This is because you can personalise your envelopes to be more attractive and memorable for the reader with a franking machine, and this is a huge benefit of owning one.

On any envelope, the first impression is key for customers, therefore it is vital your mail stands out from the crowd. One way of doing this is by using images or a company logo to attract the customer before mail is even opened. Images are understood more easily and so it is more likely your mail will be remembered over a text based message.

As you will know your customers will receive many mail items everyday, and so you must understand how important communications is when grabbing the customers attention.

Many people will not realise that a franking machine can be used to personalise your mail as you can frank slogans, logos and even artwork on your mail. This means that many business may be missing out on this free and effective advertising tool. See what you can frank on your mail below.

Return Address

You can frank your company’s return address on your mail, and this is a great and effective tool to help keep our database clean. By franking your return address on your mail, you can help ensure that any undelivered mail is returned directly to you, helping to keep your company database up to date.

Personalise Your Mail

Example of a Company Logo & Return Address Franking Impression

Company Logos

If you would like to increase brand awareness, you can always frank a company logo onto your franked impression. This will allow your mail to build brand awareness and attract the customer the minute it has been franked.

Free Advertisements

You can also take a more creative approach and frank a company advertisement on your mail to increase awareness about an upcoming event. This can be used to promote campaigns or offers. This technique can be very beneficial to any business as it will attract customers attention easily.

Franking Machine Quote

If your business would like to invest in a franking machine and frank a company logo, return address or advertisement on your mail, then receive a Franking Machine Quote today and reap the benefits.

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