The Best Franking Machine Features – The Hardware

The main purpose and functionality of using any franking machine is the same – to apply a franking impression to envelopes so that Royal Mail can process your mail whilst you benefit from using lower rates. Besides this functionality, there are other franking machine features that an help you during the mailing process. Take a gander at the different hardware franking machine features below.


All franking machines come with a feeder or feeding system. They are the most basic part of a franking machine and are required so that the franking machine can actually frank a mail item. It is a basic part of a franking machine that sends mail through the machine, where the postage is applied along with any other settings selected. There are differences in how the feeder operates. Some are manual, meaning that you have to hold the letter under the franking machine whilst the franking machine applies the impression. Others are semi-automatic and most high-end franking machines come with an automatic feeder that processes the mail with very little to no human interaction. Different franking machines can process items of certain thicknesses, often between 6mm and 20mm.

Sealer, nesting and flapping

Some franking machine models can automatically seal letters once they have been franked, as well as opening the flap before sealing. If your envelopes are not meant to be posted, a franking machine can be used to seal the envelope without applying a franking impression.


A stacker is one hardware feature that will help users organise their metered or franked mail better. Lower volume and less advanced machines tend to come with a catch to store the mail after it has been franked, but more advanced systems can clear mail away from the franking machine via a power stacker.


In order for you to top up your postage balance and to update the software used, your franking machine will need to connect to a phone line, LAN or Wi-Fi box. The traditional method of using an analogue line is set to become obsolete, so most modern franking machines will require a LAN connection.

Rate chip

All franking machines come with a rate chip which is used to store the latest information about the latest postage rates. When the postage rates change the rate chip has to be updated to ensure your business can still benefit from franking and to ensure that the correct postage is always applied.

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