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Two Pence Blue Stamp
Two Pence Blue Stamp

A stamp, also referred to as a postage stamp, is used as the traditional way of sending mail around the UK, and they have been used as a sign of paid postage as early as 1840, when the Penny Black and Two Pence Blue were released. They are typically purchased and displayed onto an item of mail in the top right corner of the mail item. To get a stamp to send your mail, you must buy one from your local post office or any other authorized seller and then apply it to your mail item. A UK stamp consists of an image of the current reigning monarch, the value of the stamp and perforation holes.

The invention of the stamp in 1840 was due to the reform of the UK postal system. The UK postal system was reformed successfully by Sir Rowland Hill, and ever since this method of postage has been used to send mail via the UK postal system. Other countries soon followed the UK’s example with their own stamps, and still to this day, the UK are the only country not to put their country name on them.

Before the invention of the stamp, ink and “hand-stamps” were commonly used to send mail, and these were made of wood. The UK postal system reform removed the use of old fashioned ink, and helped change the way mail was sent around the world.

Stamp Prices 2014

The most recent stamp and frank prices for 2014 have finally been released by the Royal Mail and are now in effect from 31st March 2014. The franking prices for 2014 offer even lower stamp for sending mail.

Use a Franking Machine!

If you would like to save money on your postage costs, then you should use a franking machine, as they produce a frank which charges your business less money than a stamp. Here at Mailcoms we have a whole range of franking machines, and we can give you a Franking Machine Quote here.

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