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NEW Royal Mail Sunday Services! – Guide By Mailcoms

The Royal Mail have recently announced that they are to trial a new Royal Mail Sunday Service for parcels. This is in response to recent demand and to help increase the efficiency of its business.

As the growth for online sales is increasing, it is contributing massively to the amounts of parcels being sent within the UK. Royal Mail has over 12,000 branches of Post Offices’s and 52 Parcelforce Worldwide depots within the UK, and as the market for delivering goods is changing, it makes sense for the Royal Mail to deliver on Sundays to keep up with demand.

About the Royal Mail Sunday Services

As the Royal Mail are trialing the new Royal Mail Sunday Service, it is important to see if it will affect you. Find out more about the service below.

  • Royal Mail are opening 100 of its most busiest offices on Sunday Afternoon to allow customers to pick up parcels.
  • Royal Mail’s Delivery offices with the highest volume of parcels across the UK will be taking part.
  • Royal Mail’s Delivery offices are currently open six days a week, the new service will extend this to seven days a week for various selected delivery offices.
  • Delivery of parcels will be trialed inside the M25 motorway on Sundays.
  • Distribution networks will stay open for longer on weekends.
  • Parcelforce Worldwide will open a Sunday service during June 2014.
  • Customers who use the Parcelforce Worldwide Sunday Service will be contacted before delivery, about 30 to 90 minutes beforehand.

The trial is designed to make it easier for customers not at home during the day to get their parcels on Sunday instead. The new changes that are set to occur could prove very useful for businesses and customers by offering increased flexibility and more opportunities.

What this means for customers

As Royal Mail becomes more competitive by opening their Royal Mail Sunday Service trial, it will mean customers will benefit. See how you will benefit below.

  • Courier Competition – As Royal Mail begin their trial, other courier companies, such as DPD, will begin to do the same. DPD have already announced plans to start Sunday delivery. As well as this, Amazon have started to use their own vehicles to deliver their products to customers in the London area. By delivering parcels on a Sunday, customers have less chance of receiving ‘while you were out’ cards.
  • Improved Customer Service – Customers who decide to use Parcelforce Worldwide for their parcel delivery will see improved customer service. Customers will receive a text between 30 and 90 minutes before delivery. Royal Mail also tested a ‘Delivery to Neighbour’ service, which found customer liked the idea of having neighbours to collect their parcels when no one was home.

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