Royal Mail Redirection Service Prices 2024

View the Royal Mail Redirection Service prices 2024 below. If you are moving premises, this service ensures you’re still receiving mail when you move. It’s the right choice for your business if you:

– are moving your entire business from a premises but want to continue to receive mail sent to your
former address.

– want your mail to follow you to your new address, even if the move is only temporary,
both within the UK or abroad

– want to redirect your mail for up to four years (or six months for PO Box® addresses).

To find out more go to

The Royal Mail Redirection Service will redirect all your mail to your new address. This can also help prevent identity theft.

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Royal Mail Business Redirection Prices 2024

Redirection Business Prices 2024 – price per trading name
UK (VAT Exempt)
Up to 3 months
Up to 6 months
Up to 12 months

Prices are exempt from VAT.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or Pension Credit, you can apply for our Concession Redirection service where prices start from £22.50. Please visit to find out more and apply.

You cannot apply from a Post Office branch.

View a complete list of the Royal Mail Postage Rates 2024 here.

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